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At NeuroActive Physiotherapy we have a unique interest and skill in the assessment and treatment of neurologically impaired individuals.

The primary goal of our treatment is to restore and maximize an individual's functional capacity in the home, work, and community environments, with the focus being on our clients’ individual goals.

Our approach to therapy is personal, meaningful and functional, with the aim of effectively assisting clients in returning to their daily lives through active client participation. 

At NeuroActive Physiotherapy our treatment approach is highly motivating, respectful and supportive. We provide careful and skilled consultations, assessments and treatment programs, with an evidence-based and goal-oriented approach to treatment. Treatment is integrated into our clients’ own environment, leading to the highest possible level of recovery. 

Our team of skilled Physiotherapists at NeuroActive Physiotherapy have an extensive background and experience in the treatment of neurological and orthopaedic injuries. Our approach to treatment is a combination of both manual therapy techniques along with active exercises, where we use individualized progression of exercises to restore function, prevent injury and to optimize performance. Our therapists work in collaboration with other health professionals to ensure a client-centred and comprehensive approach to therapy.  

Our mission

Our team

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